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NRA Public Range Fund

The NRA Public Range Fund was established in 2009 as a matching grant program to encourage city and county governments, and state or federal agencies, to work with NRA on efforts to build and improve public ranges across the United States. At the NRA’s sole discretion, grants are awarded to qualifying city and county governments and state or federal agencies to assist with the development and improvement of public shooting facilities. Grants are also awarded to assist qualifying agencies or local governments with projects designed to improve community relations and to address environmental issues related to range operations.


In reviewing grant applications, the NRA Range Services department will apply the following criteria and recommend to the Executive Director of General Operations only those projects that conform to these guidelines:

  • An applicant may be any city or county government or state or federal agency that plans to build or improve, or is currently building or improving, public ranges, and is able to provide proof of ability to 100% match awarded funding in revenue, labor, equipment, materials, etc. to ensure the project’s completion.
  • Generally, grants are awarded on a 50/50 matching basis with 50% of the cost of the project being provided by the applicant and 50% awarded from the NRA Public Range Fund. In-kind services of labor, materials, and equipment may be considered to provide the applicant’s 50% contribution to the project.
  • For projects where Pittman-Robertson Funds are being used, the applicant’s share will be 90% of the project, with the remaining 10% coming from the NRA Public Range Fund.
  • Applicants seeking to qualify for support shall not discriminate against any member, person, or other user of its facilities or equipment on the basis of age, race, color, sex, or national origin.

Projects and Activities Eligible for Funding

  • To build or improve upon existing public ranges at the city, county, state, or federal level by providing assistance for construction, labor, materials, and equipment costs.
  • To provide assistance for the maintenance, security, and upgrades of public ranges at the city, county, state, or federal level.
  • To support activities and objectives set forth in the bylaws of the National Rifle Association of America.

Other types of projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Operation of the range will be at the discretion of the property owner, but it is advised that it be made available to the public as much as is appropriate for the site and within the maintenance capability of the range owner.

Restrictions on Funding

  • Applications for grant funding will not exceed $25,000 for any qualifying applicant per year.
  • Applicant will be required to show proof to provide the matching amount of requested funding.
  • NRA Public Range Grants will not be approved for multi-year funding of projects.
  • A final report must be submitted for any and all funding projects. Failure to submit a final report will result in disqualification for future consideration.
  • All projects must be for the sole purpose of range development/range improvement for public ranges. Applications for non-essential equipment and/or short-term supplies such as targets, firearms, PA systems, manuals, etc. will not be accepted. (Short-term being defined as supplies or projects with a life of less than 10 years.)
  • Grant applications for administrative costs, engineering fees, surveys, drawings, feasibility studies, environmental assessments or exploratory costs will not be funded.
  • Application must be submitted for consideration each year. Prior year funds awarded shall not be construed as a guarantee of funding in subsequent years.
  • Deficit financing. (Payment for something already purchased or reimbursement for an event that has already taken place).

All funding and/or grants awarded under or pursuant to this program are entirely at the NRA’s sole discretion. No party, including applicants under the program, has the right to receive funding nor is funding guaranteed. No application, participation in the program, and/or submission of any application or other forms related to the program, shall be construed as creating a contractual relationship between the NRA and the applicant. An applicant applies at his/her own expense.

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